About Us

ONE CALL CENTER SRL is an outsourced selling call center. We work in the markets of the CIS countries, Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • We - call center


    There are many solutions that provide companies with IP-telephony communications nowadays, and ONE CALL CENTER SRL is one of the best on the market.

    We provide services for attracting and servicing consumers, as well as technical support through several channels at once. The company has sites in many European countries and cities of Ukraine. Our contact centers provide 24/7 services in more than 15 languages. We process tens of thousands of customer requests per month.

    Among the customers of ONE CALL CENTER SRL are the largest companies of the countries of the former CIS, Europe, Asia. At the development stage - Latin America and Africa.

    The main types of services we provide:

    • Active sales
    • Sales support
    • Incoming call processing and consultation
  • Our advantages

    ONE CALL CENTER SRL is a real marketing laboratory.

    We test various ways of reaching potential customers: we compare the effectiveness of databases, evaluate the effectiveness of different options for presenting services and sales over the phone, and analyze various communication strategies.

    ONE CALL CENTER SRL technologies allow you to track the test result in percentages, customers and sales volumes. You get accurate data on the market reaction to your offers, and therefore you can plan any advertising campaign or promotion with confidence in its result.

  • Modern technologies


    We use advanced technologies that allow us to work with our customers with the highest quality. Among them are:

    • support for traditional telephone technology and VoIP
    • integration with corp. systems (CRM, Service / Help Desk)
    • integration with external systems at various stages of call processing
    • intelligent call recording
    • monitoring and dynamics
    • control events
    • statistics analytic module