ONE CALL CENTER SRL is an outsourced selling call center

About Us

ONE CALL CENTER SRL is an outsourced selling call center. We work in the markets of Europe, Africa and Asia.

  • We - call center

    The main types of services we provide:

    • Active sales
    • Sales support
    • Incoming call processing and consultation
  • Our advantages

    Sales by telephone, hot line, telemarketing, calls for the establishment and updating of databases and much more.

  • Modern technologies

    Support for traditional telephone technology and VoIP, integration with corporate systems, intelligent call recording and much more.

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Our Clients

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Our services

We provide a wide range of services - from sales to consultations.

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    Active sales

    Effective sales of your goods and services

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    Accompanying orders

    Tracking the order from the entrance to the final stage of registration

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    Call Processing & Consulting

    Call processing and advising clients on service issues

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